How to create a free website or blog in one day

Hello, friends welcome to if you want to create a free website or blog then this is the right article for you. Reed this article beginning to end. If you do not know how to make a website or blog for free, you are in the right place. I am going to tell you today how can you create your free website or blog. I t is very easy to create a free blog like facebook. If you are a student then you will easily understand how the time has changed, In past years where everything was offline, today the whole thing is online, Whether you want to apply for a job or scholarship, it is online.

Many people write the blog for passion and many people make money with their blog. Many people in India are earning millions of rupees through their website and blog.

Creating a website or blog is neither complex nor cost-effective.  Just need some time that, If you really want to create your own blog then Follow the setps given billow.

How to Create a Free Website or BLOG

There are lots of options to create a free blog, Like Blogger (Blogspot), Weebly and many more. It is absolutely free service.

You can create your blog for  Entertainment, Promoting Your Business, To Make Money Online.

1. Sign Up on Blogger.Com

2. Choose the name of your website or blog.

3. select the domain

4. Choose template

5. Create Your First Post

6. Start earning money

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